The Saint & The Sinner

by Crystarium



[Intro Skit]
I mean it’s really a wonder we haven’t just destroyed ourselves yet, it really is. What with our constant aggression and hatred for one another over the stupidest things, it really is baffling.
I mean I’m not perfect, by any means, but I guess I could go anywhere I want, if only I knew where to go.

Here lay my kingdom
This world of mine

Here lie my body
Frozen in time

Can you come and find me?
Salvage my mind?

Pick up the pieces
I’ve left behind

Can you, hear my cries?

My world is crumbling
Before my very eyes!

Lift, me, up
Save me, from myself

Take, me home
Away from this hell

Twisted perception
Vision is blurred

I can’t seem to put myself,
In a single word

Am I the victim?
Am I the crime?

How do I get away
From my mind?

Mother please
Forgive, me my sin

I repent,
But I’ll do it again

Bring, me back
To when I was young

I waste away
In hell’s hot sun


released April 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Crystarium Peoria, Arizona

I make a lot of different stuff.

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